• Could you help me make a few pages here on this wiki i need at least ten

    And i was thinking it would be all of Stefans Doppelgangers and Elena's as well as other people close to them like Damon Bonnie and Caroline if you can that would be great.

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    • err .. I can't say I'm good with page designing, and filling info. 98% of character pages are empty on my wiki too if you realize¬†:) But I can help creating some characters, with a little info, and then I coul leave the rest to you, so that you can shape the characters according to your story.

      Q1- Do all doppelgangers have to be the ones we've heard of on the show, or do you want me to make up some?

      Q2- How many doppelgangers of which character(s) do you want?

      Q3- Do all doppelgangers have to be alive and present at this current timeline, or can some be long dead?

      Q4- Do you have a character template here?

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    • A1 - No you can make some up not all of the doppelgangers from the show need to be here

      A2 - Well besides Elena and Stefan maybe one for Caroline and Bonnie and another for Jeremy and Damon

      A3 - No some can be dead

      A4 - That i have no clue as i never checked

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    • well, it might help if I had a template to fill, you know, it's why I asked.

      I've thought of a Caroline doppelganger back in season 3, when Klaus told her of a "princess almost as beautiful as her".

      Just out of curiosity, what is your doppelganger mythology? How and why do they exist? 

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    • I am guessiong doppelgangers exist to either help or oppose the one that is current.

      I was thinking about using the same one from tvd but i don't know that template style.

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    • We have a template my friend Merri added it.

      It should be the same as TVD wiki if that helps.

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